Listed buildings

We have worked with many fine Listed buildings, bringing new relevance and extending their useful lives.  A challenge with listed buildings, however, can be that they’re protected by the planning process, so the majority of things you’re likely to want to do with the structure will require consent.

Any changes need to be sympathetic to the building, with minimal impact and ideally re-using materials and historic details. Some buildings are easier to adapt than others; with the right expertise we can ensure that your listed building can work well for you.

There are 3 different categories of listing:

  • Grade I: nationally significant buildings
  • Grade 2*: Grade 2 listed but with specific points of interior interest
  • Grade 2: protected due to either individual or collective historical significance

The listing system is there to protect and celebrate these important buildings, so it matters that they’re developed sensitively yet also with a view to how people live in the modern world. Navigating this more complex process can be time-consuming, potentially costly, and stressful. At Nick Matthews we’re passionate about working sympathetically with older buildings to conserve their value, sustainably re-using these existing resources and extending their usefulness for years to come. Please contact us for more info and to discuss your project.